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We are a creative studio ! We offer comprehensive services in the online world.

Smart Side is a team that helps to create creative online services. We are graduated artists who love art and this also helps us to move forward in creative thinking. We are based in Košice. We also help our clients remotely around the world to achieve their dreams and goals. Our clients are not only from Slovakia, but also from New Zealand, America, England and Dubai. And that makes us extremely happy!

We follow new trends both within the Slovak market and within the global requirements. This helps us to provide better services. Don't believe us? We are aware that we have to earn your trust. Do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you on your way to success. Our completed projects speak for themselves. Take a look at them. We are a young and innovative team that will surely be a good partner for you to work with!

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Dávid Kovács

Dávid Kovács

Patrik Podracký
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